Each STRATEC RT technology is conceived, sized, calculated and designed according to the characteristics necessary for correct application. Based on the results of the analyzes, a first prototype is created to be tested in the laboratory and multiple functional and material tests are carried out, which must correspond to the highest safety and quality standards. Adequate engineering and definition of the production process will guarantee road management bodies, designers and installers perfect functionality, reliability and durability.

All Stratec RT patents represent a technological innovation and guarantee for the correct functioning of the guardrails.


2020-06-24_GroundSleeve02 (1)


The GroundSleeve are finned metal systems connected by a tie or a rod to the post, which have the purpose of affecting a greater area of ​​land and of determining the correct resistance of the barrier installed on the embankment.


2018-08_Test Tor Vergata_21


ConcreteSleeve is a metal guide designed and used at the base of the guardrail. It revolutionizes the installation, replacement and maintenance of guardrails installed mounted on concrete curbs. ConcreteSleeve guarantees the same safety standards everywhere, quick installation and easy replacement of post-accident damaged posts.